Winter energy saving tips

Winter energy saving advice for your business

With winter upon us, although still quite mild, here are some tips to save money when the cold spell kicks in. A typical office will use 63% more gas for heating, while a manufacturing business will use around 38% more electricity during the same period. We have put together the following winter energy saving advice to help businesses like yours

Most businesses can easily reduce their energy use by at least 10% with a little effort. How much is your energy bill? Work out the saving.

Here is our winter energy saving advice for managing your business energy supply during the winter months.

Winter energy saving advice – include your staff!

We often mention staff in our tips and advice pages. There is no point one person making changes, and hoping the rest will follow! Include your staff in discussions about saving energy. Get everyone pulling together. We don’t want cold customers, but it is easy to waste energy by needlessly overheating some areas.

  • You want rooms brighter during dark afternoons, but do turn off lights when not needed (sticky notes next to light switches are helpful reminders!)
  • When the heating is on, keep windows – and doors – closed. Then the warm air you have paid good money to heat, can’t escape.
  • Turn heating off when it reaches 21C.
  • Don’t heat or light unused areas.
  • Move the thermostat away from areas where heat fluctuates such as a fire or draughty doorway.
  • Put up posters to remind staff about energy saving.
  • Take meter readings at the start and end of each day, so you can see how well you have done! (you can also call your energy supplier and ask them to install a smart meter)

You can also:

  • Allow staff to work from home (if feasible, such as an office) 1-2 days a week. This will reduce the number of people and energy used during the day.

Winter energy saving advice – small investments can go a long way

With minimal spend, you can reduce energy waste over winter. And save money.

  • Install light sensors in rooms. You won’t need to chase people to turn off lights. Timer switches can also be helpful.
  • Make sure your hot water boiler and pipes are insulated.
  • Regular servicing of appliances helps them to run efficiently.
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs (LEDs and CFLs). There is an initial cost but the savings over the lifetime of the bulb greatly outweigh this. They generally use 80% less electricity than standard bulbs.

You can also reduce your energy bill this winter by shopping around and paying less for gas and electricity. Thanks to our buying power of thousands of UK businesses, we have access to preferential prices from over 30 energy companies. Call us today.


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