What is me electricity MPAN or Supply number?

This is what your MPAN looks like


You can find it on your bill (not on the electricity meter), and the position of it on the bill varies from supplier to supplier. This is unique to your electricity meter, and not to be confused with your meter serial number, which is also unique and is located on the meter itself.

So what do the numbers all mean?

Profile Class

01 – this is the Profile Class and gives the electricity supplier an indication of how electricity will be consumed throughout the day (unless half hourly meter which is defined as 00 in your MPAN).

01 – Domestic Unrestricted
02 – Domestic Economy 7
03 – Non-Domestic Unrestricted
04 – Non-Domestic Economy 7
05 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 0-20% Load Factor
06 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 20-30% Load Factor
07 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 30-40% Load Factor
08 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand >40% Load Factor

Meter Time Switch Code

234 – this indicates the number of registers your meter has, ie. the number of different readings (single rate or two rate for example).

Line Loss Factor

567 – this indicates to the electricity supplier the potential loss of energy while distributing the electricity to your meter, and therefore potential costs.

Distributor ID

11 – this identifies the distribution company in your area, who is responsible for maintaining the cables which transport the electricity to your meter:

10 – Eastern Electricity
11 – East Midlands Electricity
12 – London Electricity
14 – Midlands Electricity
15 – Northern Electricity
17 – Scottish Hydro-Electric
18 – Scottish Power
19 – Seeboard
20 – Southern Electricity
22 – SWEB
23 – Yorkshire Electricity

Meter Point ID

2345 6789 – this number is unique in your distribution are and is used to identify the meter.

Check Digit

012 – this number is generated by the Distributor ID and Meter Point ID to cross check and confirm the other numbers.