My business electricity bill

We explain the main parts of your electricity bill

Unit Price

Depending on your meter, you may have one, two or even three different rates. And depending on your electricity supplier, they may or may not be clearly labeled. If you have a single rate meter then this will be self explanatory. However, if you have a two-rate meter, there will be a price for units used in Day period and those used at Night. For three-rate meters, these will generally be split into Day, Evening & Weekend, and Night rates.

Hopefully you are in a fixed rate contract for your business electricity, in which case the prices here will be applied to all the kWh of electricity you use during your contract.

If you aren’t in a contract, then call us for free on 0800 977 5462 to get a cheaper price.

Standing Charge

This is a fixed charge per day, and will remain the same price for the length of your contract. It covers the distribution and supply of your electricity over the networks.

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

This is a tax and is paid by businesses on all their energy use, with a few exceptions: businesses who use less than the nominal amount, charities, businesses who are on a 100% Green Tariff, and domestic properties. The Government introduced the tax in 2001 and the HMRC website shows the current Climate Change Levy charges.


All businesses pay 20% VAT on their gas bills, the only exceptions are charities and domestic properties who pay 5%.