Will a smart meter be useful for my business?

How smart meters work

Smart meters simply replace your existing gas and electricity meters. They still measure the amount of gas or electricity you are using, but instead of having to take readings yourself, they send the readings monthly to your supplier, usually by using the mobile networks.

The installation doesn’t take too long, you can expect your supply to be switched off for around half an hour for each meter that is being upgraded.

So the obvious benefit to your business of having a smart meter fitted, is that you won’t have any more estimated bills. No doubt – unless you are really on the ball – you don’t always remember to give a meter reading every month, and end up being billed for an ‘estimated’ energy use as your gas or electricity supplier has had to make a guess so they can send you an invoice.

How smart meters save your business money on energy bills

But digging a bit deeper, smart meters can save you money as well, and this is the whole point of having one really. They will send readings every 30 minutes for electricity and every hour for gas, and this data is all recorded by your energy company and made available to you in the customer area of their website.

Once you login, you will be able to see how much energy you have used hour by hour, day by day, week by week. You can see when you are using the most energy and make steps to cut back. You may find that a lot is being used overnight when it shouldn’t be, perhaps equipment is left on wastefully.

In essence, you can analyse and cut back on your energy use, which can only mean one thing at the end of the day – lower energy bills for your business! And you are being good to the planet as well.

It is estimated that businesses waste around 20% of their energy.

Will my smart meter work with my new energy supplier?

Probably not! You will just have to request your new energy supplier install a new smart meter for you, most offer this for free. In the meantime, you can still read the meter yourself from the display.