Nuisance call from energy company

Nuisance calls from energy companies. How can I stop them?

For a start, I would like to be 100% clear: at Perfect Clarity we do not engage in cold calling businesses about their energy contracts. However, listening to feedback from many of our customers, there are plenty of so-called energy ‘brokers’ who do…

Nuisance calls from energy companies are often unscrupulous brokers pretending to be an energy company. Our customers have told us that when they politely decline what is being offered, the caller often becomes rude. In extreme cases, the business owner has been called “stupid” or an “idiot”. Quite disgraceful, I’m sure you agree.

One of the aspects of our company that customers like, is the polite and courteous manner in which we conduct our business.

Annoying call from energy companyUnfortunately, this shocking behaviour then has a detrimental effect on the energy industry as a whole. Here are some examples of common nuisance calls from energy companies. Quite often, they are high pressure sales calls.

In our opinion these calls are only encouraged by energy suppliers who continue to accept verbal contracts. At Perfect Clarity, we email all contracts to our business customers. These can be reviewed with no pressure whatsoever. And signed and returned when they have checked the contents.

How to stop nuisance calls from energy companies

Register (for free) with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). They have a corporate service where businesses can register:

It takes 28 days for your registration to become fully active. Before calling any business, the company should check the corporate TPS register. Needless to say, they shouldn’t call any company that is registered. It is, in fact, a legal requirement that they don’t call. If they still do, then point this out to them and log a complaint with the TPS.

While the TPS can’t take any enforcement action themselves, they will write to the organisation concerned and ask for an explanation. The TPS passes complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO has a responsibility to investigate, among other things, nuisance calls from energy companies to phone numbers on the TPS register.

Be careful not to encourage nuisance calls from energy companies

Whenever you sign documents, contracts, or purchase something online, there is often a checkbox asking whether you want to receive information from partners or marketing agencies. The wording of these permissions is often written to be confusing. So be careful whether you are giving permission or not, for them to contact you.

As a rule, we ensure all energy contracts we send to customers on behalf of suppliers, are set to ‘permission not given’. Unless instructed otherwise.


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