Nest. Is this the best smart thermostat yet?

That plastic control in your hallway is about to get an upgrade. Nest have created a device that automatically saves energy by learning how you use your heating at home. In the US, it has reportedly reduced the amount of energy used by up to 20%.

The UK launch

Now Nest are launching their product in the UK – after reworking the internal electronics to make it compatible with the higher voltage of our mains electricity. The new thermostat develops an automatic heating programme by learning how you use your heating day to day, and saves you energy in doing so.

“It’s comparing apples and oranges. The Nest thermostat is really learning, it knows your preferences, it helps you keep comfortable, not sacrificing your comfort for energy savings.”

Heading up Nest, is former Apple designer Tony Fadell. With the energy bills increasing dramatically in recent years, the opportunity to save money will certainly appeal to many, although with a price tag of £249 (which includes installation), it may be out of the reach of those in fuel poverty.

The clever bit

A real benefit of the thermostat is that programming is not necessary. It senses when there is nobody in the house and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The more you turn the temperature up and down as you require, the more it learns about you. It can also learn how long it takes your home to heat up, and have it at your preferred temperature when you need it, not an hour or two later.

“You don’t have to programme it – programmes are cumbersome and don’t really work. The more you use it, the more it learns,” said Paillet.

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