How to reduce business energy consumption

There are several avenues you can explore to reduce business energy consumption. And reducing the amount of energy you consume, will of course reduce the amount you are charged by your energy supplier! So think which of the following suggestions you can put into practice.

1. Consider how you use lighting and heating

LED lighting will reduce your business energy consumption in the long run.

Experiment with turning down the heating by a degree or two, you probably won’t notice much difference, and it can reduce the amount of energy you use considerably.

Increase energy efficiency of equipment with regular maintenance and cleaning.

2. Educate your staff, or at least make them aware how they can help

When not in use, ask staff to turn off lights and equipment.

Do all electrical items need to be switched on first thing in the morning? If not, leave them off!

Don’t forget, your staff don’t pay the bills, so it is easy for them to forget the costs of leaving items ticking over and consuming energy.

3. Ask your energy company to install a smart meter

Smart meters take electricity readings every 30 minutes, and you can login to a web portal and see when you are using the most energy. Or when you are using energy at certain times of the day when you wouldn’t expect to do so.

You can then investigate the energy use during these periods and see where you can reduce business energy consumption.


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