How can my energy bill be so high?

There are several reasons your energy bill can be too high. It could be because your energy supplier is estimating how much gas or electricity you use, your thermostat settings are too high, the price you are paying per unit for your energy is too much, or there may even be a fault with the meter. Lets investigate these in more detail.

My energy bills are based on estimated readings

Does a meter reader visit your home or business premises to take meter readings?
Do you supply regular (at least quarterly) meter readings to your energy supplier?
Do you have a smart meter that sends readings automatically to your energy supplier?

If your answer to all three questions is “no” then your energy supplier has no option but to estimate how much gas or electricity you are using every month. This gives us two scenarios:

1. Your energy supplier is overestimating how much gas or electricity you use at home or at work. The quick solution here is to give your energy supplier a meter reading, and they will adjust your next bill accordingly. You will probably be in credit as you have been overpaying.

2. Not so good. If your energy supplier has been underestimating your energy use for some time, and they finally receive a reading after 6-12 months for example, you will no doubt get a very large energy bill. This is because there is a lot of gas or electricity that you have used but haven’t paid for, and the energy company obviously wants to get the money they are owed. If you run into problems paying, please call your energy company and they should let you pay this off in monthly instalments.

Is my thermostat set too high?

Quite possibly. Try turning your thermostat down by one degree, and see how comfortable you are. The Energy Saving Trust state that you can save £85-90 a year at home by lowering the temperature by one degree. And substantially more at a commercial site of course.

Consider also the timing of your heating. During the winter, is the heating still on when you leave in the morning? If you turn the heating off half an hour before you leave, your home is still going to be nice and warm for the next half an hour. Think of the savings over a year!

Am I paying too much for my energy?

There are so many tariffs available, it is quite possible you will save money by switching supplier. At home, you can use one of the many price comparison websites. For a business premises, talk to us, as we look at prices from over 30 energy companies, unlike most comparison site who only work with a handful of suppliers.

Could there be a fault with my meter?

This is quite rare, but it does happen. You can ask your energy supplier to send an engineer to look at your meter. However, be warned that if they can’t find a fault, they may well charge for the appointment.


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