Energy saving tips for refrigeration units

Refrigeration units are ‘always on’ but you can still save energy (and money) by managing them correctly. The harder it has to work to keep a constant temperature, the more money it will cost your business. Here are some tips to look after yours.

Consider the position of refrigeration units

Placing it close to cooking equipment will reduce the efficiency of the unit and use more electricity to maintain temperature. Likewise, lowering the overall ambient temperature of your kitchen area will provide significant energy savings. Ensure that there is good ventilation around the refrigerator, which also maximises efficiency and will give it a longer working life. Against an outside wall is a good position, as external walls are generally cooler.

Daily energy saving tips

Sounds obvious, but keep the doors closed as long as possible, certainly don’t prop them open and raise the internal temperature of the unit! It is useful to keep it well-stocked (without blocking airflow) as the emptier the refrigeration units, the harder it must work to maintain a constant temperature.

Defrosting food in the fridge overnight helps to keep the temperature down – the less work it has to do, the more money you will save.


Check the self-closing doors are indeed closing properly, and the seals are intact and clean. A faulty door or seal can increase power consumption. Switch off internal lights overnight, these generate an amount of heat which has to be removed by the unit. Ensure condensers and refrigerant are regularly checked.

A regular maintenance program is essential.

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