Energy saving tips for a commercial kitchen

Get into the habit of using less energy here and there in a commercial kitchen, and you will save money on your electricity bills. As well as the general tips for lighting and other areas we have covered in previous money saving blogs, here are some energy saving tips specifically for kitchens.

Conserve hot water

By using less hot water, you will pay less for heating water, and probably use less water overall too. So how to conserve hot water – to get started only turn on your dishwasher when fully loaded to minimise washes and therefore save energy and money. Reuse water where you can – reclaimed water is a great way of making the most of water in your kitchen. Do not thaw foods under running hot water! Instead leave in the fridge to defrost, which also helps your fridge as it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a low temperature. Only fill equipment with the water you need.

Importantly, make sure all hot water pipes are insulated, and check the temperature – unnecessary overheating is a quick way of wasting your money.

Ventilation and hoods

Over 20% of energy expenses in a commercial kitchen can be traced to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. While you obviously can’t do without these, ensure you are using these correctly and have the correct size for your kitchen. Ensure you have a variable speed for the fan, so you can adjust the strength to your needs.

Save energy with your kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment maintained regularly will keep it running efficiently and save your business money. Check filters and seals, replacing where necessary. If you haven’t already done so, organise your kitchen to separate cooling and cooking equipment, this means your refrigeration doesn’t have to work as hard.

Push equipment back to the wall as far as is safe, which will reduce cross drafts and mean less heat escapes.

Review your start up and shut down schedule. Don’t turn equipment on a long time before it is needed, only allow enough time to heat up. Tempting as it may be, do not leave equipment running idle when not in use.


Make sure your staff understand the importance of energy saving (and therefore money saving) in your business. Your staff don’t pay the bills, show them where they can conserve energy. They can help you by turning off equipment when not in use, and ensuring equipment is unplugged overnight if not needed. Put up reminders around the kitchen if necessary!


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