Energy saving tips

Our energy saving tips for businesses of all sizes. We help businesses from offices and high street shops, to large scale energy users. Our primary role is to use our buying power in the UK energy market to help businesses get lower prices for their gas and electricity.

However, a sensible approach for business owners is to also look at reducing the amount of energy they use. Below are some topics we have posted with energy saving tips for business owners. Some of theses are more general, others are focussed on a particular industry with energy saving tips specific to you.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and you notice the difference in your energy bills. Don’t forget, for an accurate ‘before and after’ comparison, do ensure that you provide regular ampere readings to your energy supplier. If you receive estimated bills, then you won’t be able to accurately compare the difference you are making.

Of course, once you have lowered your energy use, come to us and we will lower the price you pay for the energy you still use!

Energy saving tips for refrigeration units

Refrigeration units are ‘always on’ but you can still save energy (and money) by managing them correctly. The harder it has to work to keep a constant temperature, the more money it will cost your business. Here are some tips to look after yours.

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Energy saving tips for a commercial kitchen

Get into the habit of using less energy here and there in a commercial kitchen, and you will save money on your electricity bills. As well as the general tips for lighting and other areas we have covered in previous money saving blogs, here are some energy saving tips specifically for kitchens.

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