Energy saving tips

Our energy saving tips for businesses of all sizes. We help businesses from offices and high street shops, to large scale energy users. Our primary role is to use our buying power in the UK energy market to help businesses get lower prices for their gas and electricity.

However, a sensible approach for business owners is to also look at reducing the amount of energy they use. Below are some topics we have posted with energy saving tips for business owners. Some of theses are more general, others are focussed on a particular industry with energy saving tips specific to you.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and you notice the difference in your energy bills. Don’t forget, for an accurate ‘before and after’ comparison, do ensure that you provide regular ampere readings to your energy supplier. If you receive estimated bills, then you won’t be able to accurately compare the difference you are making.

Of course, once you have lowered your energy use, come to us and we will lower the price you pay for the energy you still use!

Winter energy saving tips

Winter energy saving advice for your business

With winter upon us, although still quite mild, here are some tips to save money when the cold spell kicks in. A typical office will use 63% more gas for heating, while a manufacturing business will use around 38% more electricity during the same period. We have put together the following winter energy saving advice to help businesses like yours

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Business energy management

Energy management. Try these New Year resolutions.

Make 2018 the year you finally get on top of your business energy bills. Not sure where to start? Here are 7 tips, so no excuses! Let us know how you get on.

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Green hotel tips

Green hotel tips. Can my hotel be green AND save money?

Absolutely. Being ‘green’ does not mean spending a fortune on a new heating system or new windows throughout the hotel. We have put together some free green hotel tips. These won’t cost you anything to implement and will reduce your energy use and therefore save you money! You will be a more sustainable hotel with a lower carbon footprint before you know it.

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Pub electricity bill

Pub electricity bill – how to reduce costs

For the best results, a pub electricity bill can be attacked from two sides. First, reduce the amount of electricity used by your pub. This energy saving not only saves you money, it helps the fight against climate change too. Secondly, shop around to reduce the amount you pay for the electricity you still have to use. You could reduce your pub electricity bill by as much as 40%. That has got to increase your profit margin.

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How can my energy bill be so high?

There are several reasons your energy bill can be too high. It could be because your energy supplier is estimating how much gas or electricity you use, your thermostat settings are too high, the price you are paying per unit for your energy is too much, or there may even be a fault with the meter. Lets investigate these in more detail.

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How to reduce business energy consumption

There are several avenues you can explore to reduce business energy consumption. And reducing the amount of energy you consume, will of course reduce the amount you are charged by your energy supplier! So think which of the following suggestions you can put into practice.

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