Business energy contracts

The following articles provide advice on managing your business energy contracts.

How to ensure your energy supplier bills you for the correct amount of energy, avoiding costly disputes in the future. If your business has a poor credit rating, there is some advice for you here too. We also offer industry-specific advice to manage your energy contracts.

Quarterly updates on the UK energy markets provide some insight into the factors that affect the price of gas and electricity. We are becoming more reliant on imported energy from mainland Europe. This means gas and electricity prices are likely to to be more volatile in the future. Our quarterly updates will keep you abreast of factors that could affect your next business energy contract.

We hope you find these tips useful, don’t forget to check back for more updates. And if you would like to compare our energy prices for your next business energy contract, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Pub electricity bill

Pub electricity bill – how to reduce costs

For the best results, a pub electricity bill can be attacked from two sides. First, reduce the amount of electricity used by your pub. This energy saving not only saves you money, it helps the fight against climate change too. Secondly, shop around to reduce the amount you pay for the electricity you still have to use. You could reduce your pub electricity bill by as much as 40%. That has got to increase your profit margin.

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Low score rating

Low credit rating and your business energy prices

Business energy prices are dependent on several factors. Where in the country your business is located, the number of sites, the volume of gas or electricity used by your business – and a low credit rating.

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Meter readings

The importance of providing meter readings for businesses

Do you provide regular meter readings to your energy supplier? If you do, your energy bills are probably fairly stable and don’t give you sleepless nights. If not, when did you last give your gas or electricity company a meter reading? We look at the pitfalls this can cause.

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Energy advice for new business

Energy advice for new businesses, how to stay on top of your bills

As a new business owner you have a lot on your plate. Hardly surprising then, that looking at the gas and electricity bills is not top of the list for most business owners when they start out. Our 3 energy advice tips will get you on the right track immediately, and save you time, money and a lot of aggravation in the long run.

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Family watching TV

Christmas electricity. TV, turkey, and the National Grid

How much electricity will we get through as a nation over the festive period? Households will generally use more electricity than usual. However, the overall demand for Christmas electricity will fall – as almost all businesses are closed. It is likely to be the lowest day during winter for electricity demand. Still enough though, to light up over 3.5 billion Christmas trees!

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green electricity

Green electricity for business

Many businesses are looking to become more sustainable. Paying for green electricity for business is one aspect of this, and all businesses can do it. But how much more will it cost?

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