Business energy contracts

The following articles provide advice on managing your business energy contracts.

How to ensure your energy supplier bills you for the correct amount of energy, avoiding costly disputes in the future. If your business has a poor credit rating, there is some advice for you here too. We also offer industry-specific advice to manage your energy contracts.

Quarterly updates on the UK energy markets provide some insight into the factors that affect the price of gas and electricity. We are becoming more reliant on imported energy from mainland Europe. This means gas and electricity prices are likely to to be more volatile in the future. Our quarterly updates will keep you abreast of factors that could affect your next business energy contract.

We hope you find these tips useful, don’t forget to check back for more updates. And if you would like to compare our energy prices for your next business energy contract, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Energy support for business – winter 2022

At last, energy support for business – of sorts. The Energy Bill Relief Scheme will help businesses get through the coming winter. 

Is there an energy price cap for charities?

Are charities protected by the energy price cap? Charities will now benefit from the temporary price cap announced by the government. It will apply this winter. But there might be stipulations. Please read this article for the latest information.

High electricity standing charge – Targeted Charging Review

Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review is responsible for the increase in your high electricity standing charge. In theory, costs have been moved from the unit rate to the standing charge. Although with prices so high at the moment, it is hard to see.

The collapse of CNG

It was confirmed on 7 November that CNG ceased trading. CNG have been a cornerstone of the UK commercial gas sector for 27 years. With nearly 3 decades of experience in trading gas, even CNG have fallen victim to the global energy crisis.

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Energy broker fees – what you should know

In this article we look at how energy broker fees are applied, as well as the different levels of service you can expect from a broker. And why energy companies often pay worrying high levels of commission to unscrupulous ‘brokers’.

Can I reduce business energy bill payments if temporarily closed?

Reduce energy bill payments if you have temporarily closed – contact details for suppliers

Alternative contact details for energy companies while their phone lines are busy.

Businesses across all sectors, churches, halls, and community centres have temporarily closed because of the coronavirus. Your energy company may still take Direct Debit payments as usual, based on previous consumption. You may wish to contact them and arrange for a reduction in payments to the bare minimum until you are able to re-open.

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