Water market is changing for businesses

In April 2017 the business water market in England will be opened up for competition, allowing businesses in England to choose their own water supplier. This will work in a very similar way to the energy market.

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green electricity

Green electricity for business

Many businesses are looking to become more sustainable. Paying for green electricity for business is one aspect of this, and all businesses can do it. But how much more will it cost?

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How to cancel an electricity contract

Cancel an electricity contract – some tips

You would like to cancel your electricity contract, because you are coming to the end of your contract and want to switch to another electricity supplier. Read this guide to ensure you cancel your electricity contract correctly, to avoid delays and higher charges.

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What is a deemed electricity contract?

What is a deemed electricity contract, how can you end up with such a contract, and how to get out of one. I explain the situation in which deemed energy contracts arise – they also apply to gas contracts – and what to do about it.

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How can my energy bill be so high?

There are several reasons your energy bill can be too high. It could be because your energy supplier is estimating how much gas or electricity you use, your thermostat settings are too high, the price you are paying per unit for your energy is too much, or there may even be a fault with the meter. Lets investigate these in more detail.

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EU referendum: Both sides discuss price of energy

With the debate hotting up, we look at how the cost of energy is viewed by both sides. There are two factors here, the cost of energy, and also the environmental impact.

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