Nest. Is this the best smart thermostat yet?

That plastic control in your hallway is about to get an upgrade. Nest have created a device that automatically saves energy by learning how you use your heating at home. In the US, it has reportedly reduced the amount of energy used by up to 20%.

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Hive from British Gas

Hive from British Gas. We take a look.

You have no doubt seen the adverts. We take a look at the Hive smart thermostat from British Gas.

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British Gas fined

British Gas fined for incorrect objections to gas and electricity switches

So today Ofgem announced they have fined British Gas Business £5.6m for objecting to some of their business customers trying to move to another supplier. They were also reprimanded for failing to give customers notice that their contract was about to end, a common complaint from business owners in general, not just from British Gas customers.

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£400m in closed gas and electricity accounts

Is your energy account in credit or debit? A staggering £400m of credit has been left unclaimed from both household and business, gas and electricity accounts.

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Renewables take another hit

Renewables take another hit with nuclear the preferred electricity generator

As the UK government is pressing on with plans for the next generation of nuclear power plants to be the cornerstone of our future electricity supply, utility companies are pulling out of plans for several offshore wind farms and closing power stations.

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